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  Dr. Gregory A. Alouf is a Roanoke native. He resides in the Roanoke Valley with his extended family.

He is board certified in Family Practice and has extensive training in both Surgical and Non- Surgical Cosmetic Procedures. He is a 1998 graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

During Family Practice residency he spent time studying laser physics and clinical application at MCV in Richmond, Virginia.

Since residency he spent several years practicing Family Medicine both in a clinic as well as a hospital based setting. During residency and clinical practice Dr. Alouf has spent much time dedicated to continued cosmetic education as well as teaching.

At Alouf Aesthetics Dr. Alouf has a very strong desire to help others improve not only their physical appearance but also to help build self esteem. Through his experience, Dr. Gregory Alouf’s Non-Surgical and Surgical cosmetic approach provides his patients with state of the art procedures and the latest technology. He truly believes in using only “elite” technology that is proven to deliver results for his patients.

Dr. Gregory A. Alouf is a member of the following organizations: *American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery *American Society of Lipo-Suction Surgery *American Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Intradermology *American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery *American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine *American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine *American Academy of Family Practice *Medical Society of Virginia *Roanoke Valley Academy of Medicine

Dr. Gregory A. Alouf also is a Luminary for Cynosure Laser Company and lectures to groups of physicians on Cosmetic Lasers and their applications. He has spent countless hours studying lasers as well as hands on laser applications to provide the best possible laser surgery for his patients and the most optimal instruction for the doctors that he trains. He also is a designated training center for physicians around the immediate area as well as the entire USA and Canada. He provides full laser and aesthetic medicine training here in Roanoke at his “State of the Art” facility in Roanoke. In addition to cosmetic laser training he teaches many other cosmetic services involved in starting up a cosmetic clinic/practice. Dr. Alouf believes that education is very important for maintaining contact with cutting edge technology and keeping up with the latest skills.

His motto is “To Teach Is To Learn Twice”!